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Welcome to anewu Sligo

anewu is a unique place which is centred on individual wellness of mind, body and spirit. I, Regina, have created anewu as a result of my own personal struggles and triumphs around food, health, anxiety, stress and body image along with my continuous training in dietary counselling, NLP Counselling, Health Coaching, Stress Management and Reiki Mastership. anewu is not modeled on any other business or blueprint. anewu is an organic and constantly evolving concept based on the health and wellness of every client.

Every client is different, and as such, I treat everyone as an individual. anewu is about wellness and health. That may include a client wanting to lose weight, but I am not a traditional weight loss practitioner. I do not believe in diets (personal experience over many years have taught me this!). I also do not weigh clients and recommend that clients focus on long term health and not weight loss. Weight is a symptom of something, just like poor digestion, low energy, inability to deal with stress, poor sleep, skin issues to name just a few. Indeed, many clients are a healthy weight, but know that their diet and lifestyle is causing health and wellness issues. Focusing on the bigger picture allows clients to move past the narrow focus of weight loss and fad yo yo dieting.

Wellness is not necessarily just the absence of illness. Wellness is being the best you that you can be, either with or without a diagnosed condition.

Most people do NOT need me (or anyone else!) to tell them what to eat or to exercise and get sleep! People who want to make positive changes need help and support to guide them to figure out what the barriers to change are and how to break through to make sustainable long term habits.


Are you thinking of making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle?

Are you tired of fad and punishing diets?

Do you have trouble with sleep?

Are you emotionally up and down?

Do you crave sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine or junk food and want this to stop?

Would you like to lose weight in a healthy way?

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and would like to support yourself through lifestyle change?

Have you been advised by a doctor to make diet and lifestyle changes in accordance with a diagnosis or the threat of a future possible diagnosis?

Are you feeling “unbalanced” in some way, emotionally or spiritually?

Is stress causing imbalance in your life?

Are you experiencing low energy levels?


Are you ready to love yourself enough to focus on your health – Mind, Body and Spirit?


anewu is a one stop shop for your Health and Wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit, through nutritional information, Coaching, Stress management, NLP counselling and Reiki healing treatments. anewu deals with the Mind, Body and Spirit, for we are far more complicated than just flesh and bones! I work via Skype and phone as well as face to face consultations. Wellness is more than calorie counting and weighing scales. Wellness is about how well we feel in ourselves overall. We deserve to live the best way that we can.

You deserve to be the best you that you can be.

Contact me at 086 3866372 or e mail to start your journey to a Healthy New You! Skype and Phone consultations available.





Our Services

From dietary counselling to health and wellness counselling, NLP, Stress Management and Reiki, anewu offers a bespoke service to clients in Sligo and across the Northwest