anewu is a unique place which is centred on individual wellness of mind, body and spirit. 

I am a holistic pratctioner, where my main focus is in Reiki. Every client is different, and as such, I treat everyone as an individual. 

Each Reiki session is followed by a discussion about what may come up for the client. This usually includes areas that need balance such as diet, lifestyle, sleep, digestive issues and stress management.



Are you feeling “unbalanced” in some way, emotionally or spiritually?

Do you have trouble with sleep?

Are you emotionally up and down?

Do you want to improve your wellbeing?

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and would like to support yourself better?

Are you experiencing low energy levels?


Then Reiki with Regina at anewu may very well help you in your ability to address balance and wellbeing in your life.



Contact me at 086 3866372 or e mail


Disclaimer: Any advice given verbally, written or included in this site is in NO way intended as medical advice. You should always consult your medical doctor  before embarking on any health changes.