anewu Christmas tree

Wishing all my clients, past, present and future, a very merry, happy and healthy Christmas from Regina at

12 Health Tips for Christmas from

1. Drink Lemon water every morning

anewu knows that drinking a glass of lemon water can be so beneficial as lemons are packed full of vitamin c and potassium, which can help with any extra stresses that your body could be under. Lemon water can help to detoxify your body, rejuvenate skin, is anti-cancer and anti-bacterial. While the extra water intake can help to keep your hydration levels up. Follow this link to get the full low down on the benefits of lemon water

2.  Always start the day with a healthy balanced breakfast.

anewu recommends that a healthy breakfast consists of whole grain (Porridge/Sugar free muesli) and quality protein (Eggs/low fat natural yogurt). The breakfast we eat sets the tone for what we eat throughout the day. High sugar refined cereal/pastry for breakfast will lead to sugar cravings throughout the day! Follow this link to find out more about the importance of a good breakfast

3. Get enough sleep over the festive period.

Melatonin is an antioxidant hormone that is released when we sleep. It aids regeneration of cells and keeps your skin young looking. Our bodies are busy while we sleep, repairing and getting ready for the next day. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, sugar cravings, poor diet choices and looking a little frazzled! Contact Regina at anewu to arrange a dietary consultation which may help towards improving sleep patterns and here are a few tips to help you get some quality zzzzzzzzzz!

4.  Fill up on extra vegetables over the festive season!

Eating extra vegetables will prevent overeating due to the extra fibre keeping you fuller for longer and all the extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will help to combat some of the negative effects of any festive excesses. Have salad style starters and order extra steamed vegetables at dinner, and check out anewu’s home made soup recipe, great for wintry evenings and packed full of nutritious vegetables. 

5. Limit fruit portions

While fruit is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants, it also contains sugar, albeit natural, it is still sugar. Limit portions to 2 per day, and always eat in combination with a protein such as natural yogurt, nuts or seeds. The protein will slow down the digestion and keep you fuller for longer while reducing the impact of the fruit sugar on your blood. The new recommendations are “7 fruit & veg a day” with fruit being 2 portions due to the effects on blood sugar
Day 6: Remember that it takes your liver 1 hour to metabolize 1 unit of alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption will put unnecessary pressure on your liver and detoxification system. Pace yourself, drink some water in between each alcohol drink. Use soda water and sparkling water to dilute alcohol and avoid high sugar mixers such as tonic water or fizzy drinks.

7. Be Happy!

Enjoy being with your family and friends. Christmas is a time for pushing the pause button, be mindful and grateful for where you are and for what you have. A good New Year’s resolution could be to write one thing that you are grateful for in a journal every night before going to sleep. Practicing gratitude can lead to more joy, optimism and happiness. anweu takes a Mind & Body approach to Health & Wellness, practicing NLP techniques, stress management and health coaching along with nutrition.

8. Before you go out for a meal or drinks, eat a protein packed snack.

The protein will keep you fuller as it is slow to digest, and will help to alleviate blood sugar increase from carbohydrates or sugar from alcohol consumption. A good choice would be nuts, natural yogurt with cinnamon, hummus, or roasted chickpeas. Reducing the blood sugar spikes will help you to better control what you eat.

9. Don’t skip meals during the day to save points or calories for the evening or night time gorge!
Skipping meals or limiting calories through out the day will have the opposite effect!!! It will cause blood sugar lows which will cause you to over eat/drink later on as your body will think that there is a “famine” situation. Keep a steady burn of healthy low GL foods during the day which will help you control your intake later! Click here to get more information on Low GL foods.
10.  Try a gluten free stuffing for your turkey this year!
Breadcrumbs and sausage meat can be troublesome for those with food intolerance issues. Try this simple gluten free sage and onion stuffing recipe from using Millet as an alternative to breadcrumbs :
11.  Enjoy a little of what you fancy!
If you would like to eat it, then do, but don’t use Christmas as an excuse to over indulge. Indulging at Christmas comes from a time when the rest of the year was lean. But now, everyday can be like Christmas with the amount of sweet foods and drink that the average person consumes. Be mindful. Have a thought about how you would like to feel after your Christmas dinner. Do you want to feel happily nourished and comfortable, or “stuffed” to busting point like the proverbial turkey! If you do want second helpings, wait at least 20 minutes to see if you really do have room. The key is to keep your blood sugars balanced by eating protein packed meals at regular intervals! 

12.On the twelfth day of Christmas the final Health tip from is: Do not throw out that turkey carcass!
There is a multitude of vitamins, minerals and flavour in the bones of the turkey. My advice is to gently boil it in water for an hour, strain, and use the broth as a base for a home made vegetable soup. Have you heard of chicken soup when you are sick? That is to do with the immune boosting power of the broth from the bones!(not exactly available from a packet soup!) Click here for further information on bone broth and it’s health benefits. See my simple home made kale and carrot soup recipe or just throw in any vegetables and liquidise for a rich flavour!
All that is left for me to say is to wish all my clients, past, present and future a very Merry & Healthy Christmas from Regina at anewu.