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Weight loss can be complicated. Weight loss is a battle that differs from individual to individual. I can say this because I battled with weight issues all my adult life.

I started dieting in my early teens, and suffered from poor self esteem, name calling and all the other pain that is associated with being fat or overweight.

I allowed the numbers on the weighing scales to dictate my mood for the day, and all the battles that went on in my head stemmed from those numbers.

In fact I could have weighed myself several times a day.

I blamed myself when I would gain back all the weight (and more!) after a successful diet. I reached a stage in my life in 2011 where I realised that I had to change.

Diets were not working and I had to really look at my diet and lifestyle choices. I discovered a few things:

  • I needed to look at the reasons behind my binge eating
  • I had to stop dieting for weight loss and start looking at long term healthy eating
  • I had to learn about blood sugar balance and free myself from blame and shame
  • I needed some counselling to deal with buried emotional stuff – which caused me to turn to sugar
  • I needed to be very clear on what I wanted for my future in relation to my health
  • I could not make these changes on my own – I need support and guidance
  • I could make the changes one day at a time and one step at a time
  • I deserved better!
  • I needed to be kinder to myself

I lost 6 stone after cutting out junk food and dieting. That was over 4 years ago! I started to feel good, my energy improved, my mental health improved, my self esteem lifted and I realised that all of this was connected. Weight loss was not what I needed, I needed to be healthy! Healthy allowed me to achieve weight loss, but it also brought me so much more. I started to look at food as a means to good health and not a crutch.

When I lost weight, people asked me if I could help them. So I decided to train and found a fantastic course at Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin, which had nutrition, NLP Counselling, Health Coaching and Stress Management. I knew that it was about more than the food for me……


I knew what I should and shouldn’t be eating, BUT……………

At anewu here in Sligo, this is what I deal with……the BUT! I know that every single person with a health goal – whether that is weight loss, healthy eating, stress reduction etc. – will all have very different journeys. Therefore, at anewu, the approach to weight loss is different. I listen to your story, what you want and what prevents you from getting it. We then work together to get the steps that will help you to achieve your weight loss, or what ever other goal you have. Some other health goals are:

  • Reduce sugar foods/drinks
  • Eat a more balanced diet
  • Be compliant to medical protocols – Diabetes for example
  • Increase Energy
  • Stress Reduction
  • Sleep improvement
  • Get Fitter
  • Go gluten Free or Dairy Free

How it works:

  • Contact me for an appointment at my base in Sligo
  • Complete and return the client questionnaire
  • Initial consultation is 1.5 hours
  • Follow up consultations are 1 hour
  • Consultations are a mix of listening, coaching and nutrition with NLP counselling or stress management if required – all consultations differ and are totally client dependent
  • Some people get what they need from 1 consultation
  • My general guideline is 3 consultations to get the most help, information and support
  • The client decides on how many consultations they require
  • Those with weight loss goals generally do well with 3-6 consultations
  • My aim is to empower you to learn and listen to yourself so that you will not need to see me often

What it Costs:

  • Initial Consultation is €110 – this includes a diet and lifestyle assessment prior to the 1.5 hour consultation. Also included is your personal health protocol along with relevant information or recipes. Email support is available throughout the process.
  • Follow up Consultations are €60 – these consultations are 1 hour long and include further information paperwork and amended health protocol
  • I do an initial package of 3 for €200 (€30 discount)
  • Follow up package of 3 for €150 (€30 discount)

As a qualified Health and Wellness Coach in Sligo I am experienced in nutrition, coaching, NLP counselling and stress management. I am also a trained Reiki practitioner, and also provide Reiki as a way to relax, reduce stress and to let the mind, spirit and body heal. I truly believe that weight loss should be about dealing with the mind, body and spirit… is not all about calories, points or scales! As a serial dieter and someone who has been a failure and success in weight loss, I bring empathy and understanding to the table along with a Diploma in Diet, Health and Wellness Coaching. It is all about balance and understanding.

If you would like to try anewu, a new approach to weight loss in Sligo, then please contact me via, 086 3866372 or through Facebook Messenger.