New years Resolution


Looking for a Healthy New Years Resolution?

Reading various New Years Resolution posts from healthy websites and pages, I notice that they all seem to focus on diets and exercise that require torture or deprivation to achieve the body society tells us that we should have.

Now, I have done all these type of new years resolution, and failed. So I am going to share with you the one and only New Years Resolution that works for me. This resolution keeps me focused on always trying to do my best for myself and my health. Now, that does not mean that I always achieve things, and it certainly does not guarantee perfection. But in all my years trying to be healthy, lose weight or get fit, this has worked the best for me.

Also, this may not be too easy!!!! I certainly have had to work at it!

Love Yourself Enough……….

That’s right, it is that simple! Love yourself enough to do the things that will be beneficial to you and your health. Or is it that simple? This really does take practice. Those of us who need to make long term changes to improve our health – Physical, Mental and Emotional health! – usually find it difficult to love ourselves at all, let alone love ourselves enough to make positive changes.

In my experience most New Years Resolutions are made from a negative train of thought:

I need to lose weight as I am so overweight…..

I am a disaster, I need to change…..

I should exercise more because I am lazy….

I hate the gym, but I better join……

I am always so stressed, I need to be calmer and meditate…..

You get the idea. Basically any new years resolution is usually made from a negative place, and this makes them very short lived. However, just changing the sentiment of a health based new years resolution from a negative to a positive  may just make it more sustainable.

Which is why I believe that this is the most beneficial New Years resolution ever………………

Love yourself enough to……


Ask yourself “What can I do to be the best me that I can be?”

Feed your body the food that will keep you healthy

Move your body in a way that you enjoy (rather than forcing yourself into the gym if you hate it!!)

Stop talking negatively about yourself – Remember you are doing your best

Get enough sleep so that your body can rest and repair

Realise that you only have one body to live in

Recognise when you need to address stress and/or emotional issues

Know when to ask for help

Stop comparing yourself to media or social media images or to “friends” that seem to have it all

Know when to say “NO”

Have courage to change, even though it can be scary

Know when it is time to change your social circle

So there you have it, my take on the best new years resolution for health. Love yourself enough to want better mental and physical health. Close your eyes, imagine what your life would be in the future when you have achieved your optimum wellness – then ask yourself “Do I love myself enough to go there?” “Do I deserve better?”

When we make the mental switch to make changes from a love based place rather than self hate, then the rest falls into place. Very few people really need to be told what food to eat or not eat, or that they need to exercise more. The actual actions to achieve better health are well known to us, but it is more about the mental or emotional approach that can dictate success and longevity.

Love yourself enough……………You deserve it…….

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