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Dietary Counselling is as it seems, it is giving counsel or advice on your dietary needs. As a Dietary Counsellor I first assess your existing dietary status through a 3 day food diary. This gives me a good snap shot of your present situation, and I can help you to make any necessary changes that will help you achieve your dietary goals.

Possible Dietary Goals

Weight Loss

Increase Energy

Reduce intake of sugary foods or drinks

Establish a healthier diet

Follow medical recommendations for conditions such as diabetes/cholesterol/heart etc.

Become Gluten Free / Dairy Free

Dietary Counselling is a relatively new concept in Ireland and comes from a proven track record in America. Dietary Counselling concentrates on the food intake, but it also takes into consideration the very important fact that everyone is different! We are all totally different on so many levels, such as biochemical, likes & dislikes, abilities, goals and perceptions of health.

What sets dietary counselling apart from group weight loss meetings is the approach. There is NO generic food plan or recipe set for everyone. When you come in to anewu as a dietary counselling client, there is a blank sheet. We then work together and decide on what will suit you and your needs specifically.

Another difference is that I do not weigh or measure my clients (unless they specifically want me to). I do this as a result of my years of going to various weight loss groups and personnel. I used to dread the weigh in as it really was about someone else judging me. Judging my ability, my worthiness and just how much commitment I had for the previous week. In the realm of dietary counselling, yes a bio-metric measurement is important, but ultimately as individuals, we are more than numbers on scale! Dietary Counselling at anewu is about Health, your Health!

dietary counselling at

I personally know how difficult it is when I have a bad week from a food choices point of view, and it makes it even more difficult to go to the person who is helping you if you know that you are going to be weighed, and exposed! As a dietary counsellor and health coach, I know that this is the very time that the client NEEDS to come and see me. Clients benefit greatly from having the time, space and support to fully understand what made the week difficult and how they can successfully move forward for the following week.

Another great aspect about dietary counselling is that it has an educational aspect. I can teach you how to eat so as to maximize your results and to become healthier. I focus on blood sugar balance, low GL foods and combining proteins with carbohydrate. I can introduce you to new foods for health and well-being along with new recipes and meal planning to make the journey easier.

Changing your diet and/or lifestyle is as much about behaviour change as it is about food. So as a dietary counsellor with coaching skills and behaviour change training, I am here to help you modify your behaviour. To creat new healthier habits and to understand how best to do that, so that you can achieve your own personal goals. We can access all the information in the world around food and nutrition, but it is about recognizing and changing the behaviour and habits that prevent us from putting that information into action.

So contact me now at anewu via or phone 086 3866372 to enquire about Dietary Counselling consultations, and start your journey to a Healthier New You!