Garlic Roasted Chickpeas from anewu

Chickpeas with Roast beef & Veg from

These garlic roasted chickpeas are really tasty, easy and quick. Chickpeas are of the legume family and are a great source of insoluble fibre, carbohydrate and protein. Many health organisations recommend a minimum of 3 servings of legumes a week to help with regulation of blood sugars, reduced LDL cholesterol, digestive tract health and cardiovascular health. Check out further health benefits and nutritional content from

Many people ask me how to reduce bread in their diet and using chickpeas in a tuna or chicken salad instead of having a sandwich is a super way to do it.

I cooked them along with some roasted vegetables and some roast beef, but they are great in many ways

  • In saladschickpeas 2
  • As a savoury snack instead of crisps etc
  • Hot with an Italian flavoured chicken

My kids absolutely love them when watching a film or as a snack after school. You can use either drained tinned chickpeas (check the label that there is no sugar) or you can soak and cook a bag of dried chickpeas (which are much cheaper and contain slightly more nutrients).

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