Finding your way with


There are only a few steps to becoming a healthier new you!


  • Every journey starts with a first step, and your first step is to contact Regina at anewu to make an appointment. Once the appointment has been made I will forward you a questionnaire which will include a 3 day food diary for you to complete.
  • Step 2 is completing the questionnaire and food diary. Upon receipt of the food diary and questionnaire I will spend considerable time assessing your status prior to the initial consultation.
  • Your third step is the initial consultation, which will take approximately 1 ½ hours. We will gather some further information, discuss your health goals and create a step by step action plan tailored specifically to your needs, likes, dislikes, cooking abilities and with the level of change that you are comfortable taking on.
  • The next step is simply following the plan, which is easier than you may think. Small changes over a period of time is far more effective for long term sustainable results than restrictive and fad overhaul diets. Your plan will only have a maximum of 3 dietary steps for you to focus on at a time.

As a qualified Dietary Counsellor, Health Coach, NLP Counsellor, Stress Management Practitioner and a Reiki Master, I take a holistic approach to every consultation. The most important thing for me is that every single client is different, and that is integral to this process. I listen to YOU, and I ask YOU what YOU want. I will also be available for support and any queries via e mail and phone during the process.

  • This is NOT a DIET! I focus on real food, balancing blood sugars to address cravings, food combining and healthy lifestyle to help you achieve your goals.
  • There are NO products to buy.
  • This is about making sustainable healthy changes for the rest of your life.

How many consultations will I need?

Some people can get what they need from 1 – 2 consultations others may need more. It is impossible to say exactly for each individual as it really depends on the health goals. I usually find that 3 consultations is a good starting point. The process is as flexible as it needs to be and is dependent on each individual client’s needs. The aim of anewu consultations is to get you to achieve your health goals in as short a time frame as possible.

Contact Regina at anewu Diet, Health & Wellness via e mail or through the website contact page at or at 086 3866372 for further information