New Year’s Resolutions Tips from anewu Sligo!

New Year Resolution from anewu Sligo

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution and kept it? If not, then here are a few New Years Resolution tips from anewu to help you this year.

A New Years Resolution is like any other goal, and should be treated the same when deciding what to aim for. At anewu I use the SMART approach to getting clients to set their health goals.

1. Specific and Simple

The more specific and simple the goal, the more chance you have of setting it. For example use questions like Why? Where? Who? and What? to help you. A New Years Resolution such as “I will lose weight this year” is far too general, and will not keep you focused enough. Be specific, such as “ I will lose 1 stone before December 31st and I will achieve this by the following: I will go walking 3 times a week; I will ask my friend to join me; I will get a dietary assessment and personal meal plan from anewu to learn how, what and when to eat to help me; I will set it all in motion now; Achieving this goal will help me to feel better physically and mentally.

2. Measurable

The goal should be measurable, this way you have something to aim for and a specific cut off point when you achieve it. How much? How many? How will I know when I have achieved it? For example, “I will join the gym” is not measurable, however, ” I will join the gym for 6 months, and use it 3 times every week for 1 hour” is measurable. It also gives you specific timings to aim/achieve.

3. Agreed and Achievable

There must be agreement with any goal. For example, “I will stop smoking” will fail if you truly do NOT want to stop; if you do not agree with the goal, you will NEVER achieve it. Also, if you want to go to the gym every evening for 3 hours but you have a partner and/or responsibilities that this goal will negatively affect, there will not be full agreement on their part, which will prevent you from consistently achieving the goal. And it must be achievable, for example wanting to be a professional footballer if you have absolutely no football skills may not be achievable. When you decide upon your goal you will then begin to develop the skills, attitude and capacity that you need to attain it. You will need to discover what you need to do, learn, change, get in order to achieve your goal.

4. Realistic

Your goal needs to be realistic. Setting an unrealistic goal is a sure fire way to failure. If you want to run a marathon in February and you haven’t even walked 1km in January, then this may be unrealistic. However, if you wanted to run a marathon in February of the following year, then that is far more realistic. Wanting to lose 6 stone in 3 months is unrealistic, but wanting to lose 3 stone in 12 months is realistic. A realistic goal is one that you truly believe that you can achieve!

5. Time Focused and Tangible

A time measured goal has a sense of purpose and direction. If you would like to be fluent in Spanish by your holiday to Barcelona in August, that gives a sense of direction, however, if you just want to be fluent in Spanish in case you ever need it, then you have no real sense of purpose to start or to put a time table into effect!  A tangible goal is one that can be experienced  through one or more of the senses, a goal that can be felt, seen, spoken, heard, tasted etc. For example learning to cook one new healthy dinner each month for the year – This is specific, simple, measurable, achievable, realistic, time focused and tangible!

So, to summarise, if you want sustainable success, then be SMART when setting your New Years Resolutions!

S – Specific and Simple

M – Measurable

A – Agreed and Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Time Focused and Tangible

If your New Years Resolution is in any way connected to your Diet, Health & Wellness, it would be considered very SMART to contact Regina at anewu 086 3866372 or to arrange a private consultation now. anewu uses nutritional knowledge, NLP techniques to change thoughts, emotions and behaviours, SMART goal setting and Health Coaching to help you set and achieve your personal health Goals.