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NLP Counselling refers to Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP Counselling is a very effective counselling method to aid behaviour change, identifying the thoughts, emotions, behaviours and beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Neuro refers to the brain, Linguistic is language and the programming is the way that we use that language to inform our brain.

Our bodies achieve what our mind believes……………

Effectively we carry out what we tell ourselves, and if we tell ourselves that we can’t or that we are afraid or that we are not worthy…….. then that is exactly what we get. We cannot truly expect to have a wonderful happy day if we spend that day telling ourselves repeatedly how much we hate our life, our job, our body………. However, if we change our thought processes then we can effect real change in our lives. NLP Counselling can help clients to firstly recognise the more subtle thoughts and behaviours that prevent them from achieving their goals. The various NLP Counselling techniques then effectively and quickly change the way the brain assesses the sitiuation.

NLP Counselling can help:

Emotions around past events

Fears and Phobias

Beliefs – such as “I can’t” or “I am not worthy”

Emotions such as Anger, Fear, Sadness, Anxiety, Low self esteem

How we react in certain situations

At anewu I use NLP counselling to help clients effect change to aid their journey for their health and wellness. There is an intrinsic link between mind and body. What goes on in our minds definitely has an effect on our body. If you always eat three chocolate bars when you feel sad, then that is a belief or behaviour that prevents you from achieving a healthy balance. NLP Counselling can help in areas such as this. Have you ever found yourself in conflict over something, such as : “Part of me wants to eat the bars, but part of me knows that it is not the answer” ; Well this is classic neuro linguistic programming, and using NLP Counselling we can retrain the programming and create new neural pathways for the future.

NLP Counselling at a gift to you

Changing negative thoughts and behaviour patterns is a gift to anyone who is trying to make positive lifestyle changes. Nutrition is the easy part, as we all know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. It is the battle within the mind that is the difficult part. NLP Counselling has set so many people free from limiting beliefs. I have witnessed amazing health and wellness changes, and in particular a client who originally believed that she wasn’t good enough because of something someone said many years previous. After an NLP Counselling technique shattered that belief, the client went on to lose weight, to become more mobile and to start living her life to the full. Basically, we changed what she told herself, and she thrived as a result.

Wellness is not just about nutrition and weight. I had a client whose wellness was very much compromised because of her anxiety levels. We worked on learning about the origins of her anxiety and used NLP Counselling techniques to again change the way that she viewed situations. The knock on effect was not just reduced anxiety, but her relationships with family and friends improved, her desire to pursue other things in life increased simply because she was no longer held back by this limiting thought pattern.

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