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This is my most popular recipe, Porridge Bread, and it is not surprising. It is simple and a substantially tasty healthy alternative to processed bread. At anewu I also help people to improve their overall wellness through Private Dietary Counselling, Health Coaching, NLP Counselling, and Reiki Treatments.

This Porridge Bread is so simple that I feel that I shouldn’t even call it a recipe. This Porridge Bread recipe is Wheat Free, Sugar Free, Yeast Free and low GL which means that it is a slow releasing energy source ( so important in weight loss and weight maintenance) . Porridge Bread also contributes to healthy digestion due to it’s fibre content and cardiovascular health as the oats are great for controlling cholesterol in the blood due to the beta-glucan content. I also add lots of nuts and seeds, and chia seeds which are full of protein, fibre and healthy omega 3 fats. I use the Irish product Chia Bia, which can be used in many other recipes.

So many people say that they love bread and eat far too much of it, indeed it can even be a trigger food for some. This recipe is totally different to shop bought white bread and as such is a healthy option. You can add things like your favourite nuts and seeds to add flavour, texture and protein/healthy fats.  I like to use seeds from the Good4U range, a fellow Sligo company intent on health promotion.

The trick with this recipe is to know your oven. The danger is that it looks very well cooked, but the inside is still too moist. It may take a few attempts to get it just right.

This bread is a dense wheat free alternative for lunch, or a quick option for breakfast. Try toasting it with 2 poached eggs or spread with organic nut butters, anewu chia seed jam, coconut oil or with hummus topped with tomato and cucumber for lunch.

The porridge is a low GL option helping to keep blood sugars more balanced, and is a healthier bread option. Adding nuts and seeds increases the protien and healthy fat content, further lowering the impact on blood sugar. This is sugar free, wheat free and really easy to make! Organic porridge oats are inexpensive and Aldi have 1kg for €1.69, and they last a long time, making this a cost effective porridge bread recipe too!

I like to make 2 loaves at a time. This saves on energy and time. I then slice the bread and freeze the slices. This allows me to take out the required number of slices, preventing watse/blue moulded bread. I also have added walnuts and pumpkin seeds and cooked them in greased ramekins to produce individual scones. I use the ramekins as the batter is too loose to bake as typical scones on a baking tray. The cooking time can be reduced to around 35-40 minutes depending on oven.

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