Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste while reducing your Waist with

Reduce Your Waist!

Are you interested in how to reduce food waste? If so, come along to Sligo Tidy Towns information eveing on Thursday 12th March in The Sligo Park Hotel from 6-8pm.

As a mum working on a budget, I have had to look at ways to reduce food waste, to manage costs while also trying to maintain my weight loss and trying to feed my family good, healthy and nutritious food. When Sligo Tidy Towns asked me if I could do anything in relation to reducing food waste, I was immediately on board.

Also, to further anewu’s #HealthySligo campaign reducing food waste and food costs can actually improve your health. When you reduce waste, you reduce costs, which can in turn reduce stress if you are on a budget. Eating produce that is fresh and non processed also contributes to your nutrient intake, as highly processed foods can rob your body of vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy.

I have put together some general advice, guidelines and tips around this area and I will have a stand at the event and will be chatting to anyone who would like to get any tips. In the meantime, here are my top tips to reduce food waste while also possibly reducing your waist!

Top Tips for Reducing Food/Shopping Waste

  • Plan Ahead – do a meal plan for the week prior to shopping
  • Check the weekly special offers from supermarkets before you plan/shop
  • Check what you already have in the press/freezer/fridge before shopping
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it
  • Never shop on an empty stomach – you will be tempted to buy more
  • Beware of special offers-Only buy if you NEED it
  • Store perishables in the fridge to prolong freshness
  • Use leftovers in another meal or freeze for a quick meal in the future
  • If there is food leftover on your family’s plate regularly – revise your portions!
  • Use the stalks and leaves of vegetables in soups – most of the nutrients get wasted
  • Don’t peel potatoes/carrots/parsnips-wash them well and utilise the fibre and nutrients
  • Shop around and compare prices
  • Beware of the “Fresh Baked Bread” smell-this is a deliberate sales technique!!!!!!(this is especially an issue if you are trying to watch your weight/blood sugar balancing)

So if you are interested in any further information about food waste or any other waste reduction, then come along to the Sligo Tidy Towns information evening on Thursday 6th March from 6-8pm in The Sligo Park Hotel. The lovely Claire Ronan from IrishTV will be filming at the event also.

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