Regina Diamond

I personally struggled with my weight from early teens and was on diets most of my adult life. Even when I had lost the weight, I still did not feel full of energy or vitality. I started to change my diet in 2011, moving from more processed and convenience foods to a whole foods based diet.I learned about when to eat, what to eat and also to recognize why I ate the foods that I knew was contributing to my weight gain and to my lack of energy.

In changing my diet and approach to food I achieved a 6 stone weight loss, BUT I actually gained higher energy levels, better mood and improved health and well-being. My sleep pattern improved, I was feeling awake in the mornings rather than dragging myself out of bed, and I was feeling better and younger! People started to ask me what I had done to change my physical appearance and could I help them to do the same. I was told that it was like “a new you” when people met me, which is where the name anewu came from. I decided to train as a Diet, Health & Wellness Coach at The Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. This incorporates Dietary Counselling, Health Coaching, Stress Management and NLP Counselling. I am also a Reiki Master, which adds another element to the Wellness work that I do at anewu.

I have kept my healthy diet and lifestyle, but am now presently dealing with auto immune hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid. This may be as a result of many years of yo yo dieting and processed foods. The symptoms of this are weight gain, feeling cold, fatigue, hair loss and lack of energy to name a few. I am working to improve my health through natural channels.

I know that there is more to weight than calories consumed and calories burned. My personal knowledge and experience allows me to understand my clients better. We are a combination of hormones and chemicals, all of which need careful balancing. Perfection is impossible to attain, we are all works in progress. Aim for Progress not perfection!

I have very good overall health now and that is primarily down to focusing on my health and wellness. I am constantly training and researching ways to improve Health and Wellness and am committed to helping you achieve your Health Goals. My philosophy is to keep searching for the answers and to never give up.

I am married and have 2 teenage daughters. I have a background in banking, and worked for Bank of Ireland for 18 years as a senior bank official and studied to attain QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) qualification. I then studied Montessori teaching, and operated my own private Montessori pre-school for 7 years. My previous work experience helps facilitate discretion and confidentiality with an element of understanding, patience and psychology.

anewu is about helping you to change, to create new diet and lifestyle habits for the long term; this is NOT about a calorie restriction diet, NOT a detox diet, and NOT a “diet” for 6 weeks! There are no products or bars or shakes to buy! This is about the healthy eating of real food, based around your needs.

Regina Diamond