Regina Diamond

My name is Regina Diamond. Changing my diet and lifestyle in 2011, moving to a whole foods based diet is the basis of my creating anewu. Free from refined sugar, processed foods and grains to aid my own health and overall wellbeing has been life changing. Struggling with weight from early teens and being on diets most of my adult life gives me an insight into yo yo dieting. Even when I had lost weight, I still did not feel full of energy or vitality. To date I have managed to maintain a  4 stone weight loss and have so far achieved a stability in my life. BUT I also gained higher energy levels, better mood and improved physical and mental health and well-being, despite having auto immune issues with my thyroid.


Critically, I also changed my mind set. Having also learned about gratitude and positive thinking, future visualisation and learning to accept the ups and downs of daily life. Mindset is key to any positive change. Reiki has also had a profound impact on my overall wellness.


People started to ask me what I had done to change my physical appearance, that I was like “a new you” ! This is where the name anewu came from. I decided to train as a Diet, Health & Wellness Coach at The Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. This incorporates Dietary Counselling, Health Coaching, Stress Management and NLP Counselling.


I am also a Reiki Master, which is my main area of focus at anewu. Reiki is centred on the individual, mind, body and spirit. 

I have witnessed much change and positive shift for clients and myself, through Reiki. I then support clients with guidance on diet, lifestyle, supplements and stress manangement. Most people know what they should and should not be eating or doing, but it is the blocks that prevent change that I find Reiki deals with. 


I am married, with two daughters. With a background in banking, working for many years as a senior bank official and a QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor). Then operating my own private Montessori pre-school for a number of years, prior to setting up anewu in 2014.




Feel free to contact me or text 0863866372 or email for a chat around how Reiki may help you achieve more balance and wellbeing in your life