Reiki for #HealthySligo?

Reiki for a #HealthySligo

I had never experienced Reiki and know very little about it. As part of my job as a Health and Wellness coach I recommend activities that can help clients to feel better from within and to manage stress or anxiety. As someone who has quite a bit of stress in my life and who also experiences anxiety from time to time, I thought that I would try Reiki for myself to see if it could help me in any way. I will always only recommend a treatment/activity if I have already tried it myself.

I booked the recommended 3 reiki sessions with the lovely Fionnuala Mitchell from Sunshine After Rain Reiki in Hazelwood in Sligo. I purposely did not do any research on reiki prior to going so that I could experience it without any pre-conceived ideas. Fionnuala welcomed me into her lovely treatment room and we sat for little while talking about how the treatments were going to proceed. Fionnuala informed me that there are 7 chakras in the body, but naturally that meant nothing to me. So, she explained them as areas in the body that can get blocked as a result of life happening to us, and that when these blockages occur they disrupt the flow of energy through the body. I could understand this, but admittedly I was still sceptical as to how this was going to help me. While I was sceptical I was definitely open and very curious and looking forward to moving ahead.

I lay on the treatment table, the same as a massage table, which had a lovely warm electric blanket and a cosy fleece blanket for me. This suited me as I hate the cold and am a bit of a cold creature. Fionnuala offered to read a short meditation to focus the mind and I chose a theme that related to my state of being at that time. For the reiki session, Fionnuala moved around me, holding her hands above my body. At some stages she rested her hands on my ankles and knees, through the blanket and in a barely there kind of way. Fionnuala explained that she would make some notes as she progressed through the reiki treatment so that she could go through things with me at the end. There was lovely relaxing “spa” type music playing and scented candles burning which all contributed to a really tranquil setting. I felt very relaxed and calm and just enjoyed being still for the session.

When Fionnuala had finished the Reiki session she offered to do an Angel card reading for me. I picked an Angel card, and while Fionnuala read it out I found that it was very pertinent to my situation. I had never experienced an angel card reading before and found it to be very interesting. Fionnuala went through her notes with me and pointed out the areas that came up while she was working on me. This is where things got interesting!

Fionnuala had picked up on some injuries I had and areas of pain in my body, including bones that I had broken. It would have been impossible for to have known the things she mentioned. She then offered some intuitive feedback, which she credits to information that just comes into her mind while she works with people. I was amazed. Over the 3 sessions Fionnuala was able to tell me things that only I could have known, down to the name of someone who had text me prior to the session. Now, I have never been to a fortune teller or the like, nor had I any inclination to, but this was different. Fionnuala has a lovely gentle way about her, and she asked my permission to say what had come to her. She mentioned things about my grandmother, about my sister in law and about things that were bothering me. But she also said things that helped me get direction and clarity. It is very difficult to put into words how this part of the sessions passed, as Fionnuala was merely saying things that were very relative to me, and in some cases quite specific. Fionnuala was very clear that this is not something that she advertises and that she has no control over what comes to her, and it is only a small part of the Reiki process.

On the second reiki session Fionnuala worked on the spinal area of energy while I lay on my tummy. She was able to point out areas of the spine that were blocked which related to some specific areas of stress that I was experiencing. Fionnuala also did an Angel card reading and told me more very specific intuitive insights. I had had a particularly stressful day and was amazed at how relaxed I was, and after the reiki session I found that I was able to deal with a situation in a completely different way and my stress levels were definitely lessened. The following day I noticed an increase in my physical energy and generally felt better overall. I was experiencing a decrease also in back pain which I have had due to a disc problem.

The third reiki session was similar to the first, and Fionnuala explained that this was when the whole lot would come together. None of my chakras were blocked, which made sense as I had noticed an increase in my energy and a reduction in stress and anxiety. I was so relaxed in the treatment and found great benefit from just resting my mind and body for that time. We finished up with an angel card reading and some more powerful intuitive insights from Fionnuala.  It has been almost a week since the final session and I can definitely find positive benefits. I have more energy and find that I am much better able to deal with the things that have been causing me some stress and anxiety. I feel more grounded and centred in myself. I also feel that it has helped me cope with back pain better.

Fionnuala pointed out some of the areas that Reiki can help with :

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Issues
  • Blood Pressure
  • Headaches/Migraine
  • Sleep Issues
  • Low Energy

Fionnuala also emphasised that Reiki is a complimentary therapy which works well alongside traditional medical interventions and a positive diet and lifestyle. While I definitely benefited from Reiki, it is important to note that I also undertake a healthy diet, regular exercise and maintain a good sleep pattern, all of which complimented the therapy and contributed to the overall feeling of wellness that I experienced.

In summary, I believe that having 3 reiki sessions helped me to relax, to deal with stress better, improved my back pain slightly and helped to increase my energy flow. I truly believe that taking any time to focus on yourself in a positive way can only be of benefit and that reiki certainly is another way to promote a healthy you and a #HealthySligo.

Since having my treatments with Fionnuala I have trained as a Reiki Master myself. Reiki treatments are now available at anewu. I have found amazing benefits with clients and you can read more about that here.

If you would like to have Reiki, then contact me at 086 3866372 or e mail  in Ballisodare, Co Sligo.