Stress Management at anewu

Stress Management is not necessarily about trying to reduce the things that cause you stress. In fact stress is an important driving factor in life. Imagine 2 weeks lying on a beach with nothing to concern you – that feels nice, right? Now consider having that feeling for 12 months of the year…… not so nice, right?

We need stress to keep us motivated in life, to drive us to progress, to learn, to challenge and to develop. The problem arises however when that stress becomes chronic, constant and overwhelming. When we get to that stage it can be very difficult to see the woods from the trees, so to speak. That is where a Stress Management consultation can be beneficial. At anewu I give you the time and space to recognize and verbalize exactly what is going on for you. There can only be improvement in any situation when you know what you are facing. In most every day life we gloss over the specifics until they all become a blur, but we need to be aware of the specifics to move forward.

Common Effects of Chronic Stress

Anxiety or Depression


Increased need for stimulants such as Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeine

Chronic Fatigue

Skin Conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or hives

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mood swings – inability to deal with regular/normal daily stress

Weight Gain – especially around the middle area due to raised cortisol levels

Metabolic and Thyroid issues

Recurrent viral and respiratory infections

The above are only a small selection of symptoms that may be associated to chronic or long term stress. Our daily purpose in life is to stay in health and wellness balance, so that we may live long and be healthy. However, that balance is compromised every day by anything that pulls away from that balance. Society has changed dramatically in the last number of decades, and these changes have brought new and persistent stressors. To have an effective stress management programme in place, we must first look and identify all the stressors. Our reaction to these stressors are largely unconscious, as none of us decide formally what we will be stressed about and what we will let slide. Stress is a primal function of the brain, known as:

The Fight or Flight Response

The flight or fight response is necessary, and it can protect us from dangers. There is a physical reaction using hormones and organs such as the adrenal glands and the liver. The thing is that this mechanism was designed for sporadic use in times of danger, but increasingly, we are in this state for many hours of each day. Prolonged time in the stressed or “fight or flight response” puts pressure on our adrenal glands, which can lead to fatigue. It also causes us to generate excess blood sugars, so that we may have the energy to “fight or run for our lives” , which may in turn cause weight gain around the middle. At a recent conference I heard Patrick Holford explain that a stressful outburst at a traffic jam could possibly generate enough energy to run 1 mile. The problem then arises because we are not running that 1 mile……….. Our daily lives require less and less physical movement, our technology means that we are constantly connected to work, to e mails, to projects and to problems. This reduces the time that we spend in the relaxed state. This is just one small aspect of how stress can affect our daily lives.

stress amanagement to revive your spark


If you have lost your spark, and you feel that you could benefit from taking some time to address the stress situation in your life, then maybe some stress management is for you. Everyone is different, and at anewu Sligo I recognise this fact. There is no generic plan and it is through coaching and listening that we come up with an effective stress management plan specifically for you. The very fact that there are people like myself trained specifically in this area proves just how stress is affecting so many of us.

We are Human Beings, not Human Doings…………………..

Have you ever felt that you are doing and doing and not being? How is that working out for you? Do you feel at ease? Do you feel well and happy? or are you like so many more feeling that your health and overall wellness is being constantly compromised with no time to fully address it. Partaking in a formal stress management programme for yourself can help to prevent the onset of many chronic diseases, can help you to be a more effective person at home and at work. Using a stress management practitioner is NOT a sign of weakness, but a sign that you want more for yourself. That you want a better life and are willing to take the time that it requires.

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