sugar free muesli

Sugar free muesli

Muesli has long been associated with healthy eating and weight loss. However, many muesli brands are loaded with sugar from processed honey and dried fruits. If sugar and weight loss is an issue for you , then you may be better served avoiding the branded muesli!

Most importantly I would urge you to read the labels and familiarise yourself with the sugar content. Remember that every 4g of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon. Alpen Original has 23g sugar in 100g while Shredded Wheat has just 0.9g of sugar per 100g. That is a serious difference, and yet, as someone who has not eaten wheat since 2011, I am not necessarily recommending wheat cereals. I am using the two well known brands merely for comparison purposes.

Personally I love muesli with fresh fruit and natural yogurt. But I am also concerned with ingredients and sugar content. So I decided to make my own. Making your own sugar free muesli is not difficult as you will see from the recipe below. Alternatively there is usually sugar free muesli options available to buy, but you may need to go to a health food shop to find them. They generally are just straight grain flakes without the nuts, seeds and the real culprits of dried fruit and honey.

Honey is a very important complete food, but there are vast differences between raw cold filtered honey and the squeezy bottle of processed honey. Through the processing heat denatures the pollen and enzymes of honey, leaving pure sugar. So when shop bought cereals list honey as an ingredient, I alert you to the fact that there is NO nutritional benefit to that honey, as it will have been processed far from it’s original state.

I usually make a large batch of the sugar free muesli, and store it in an air tight container. I suggest a serving to be 1/2 a cup or 125ml. I recommend buying all ingredients in a health food shop and using organic where possible. I hope that you enjoy!

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