Sugar Reduction Workshop


Sugar Reduction Workshop for A New You!

Sugar Reduction Workshops are for people who want to make positive diet and lifestyle changes. The Sugar Reduction Workshop is unique in that it has been created through personal experience with dieting and food issues along with professional training in dietary counselling, health coaching and NLP counselling.

I provide relevant and comprehensive information, support and guidance. The sugar reduction workshop at anewu are designed to expand and develop information and mind set around diet and lifestyle changes. I see this workshop as a forum for learning in a respectful and confidential environment. Each participant is there to start a journey towards improved Health and Wellness.


✓Clarity around Health Goals

✓Exploring existing difficulties in diet or/lifestyle

✓ Challenging the “Diet” mentality and mindset

✓ Dealing with and understanding food Cravings and Binges

✓ Implementing diet and lifestyle changes in daily life – troubleshooting    and practical tips

✓ Digestion and gut health

✓ Understanding how stress affects our weight, sleep, eating and mood

✓ Recipes and meal suggestions

✓Individual Reiki Healing Treatment


Who would benefit from attending the Sugar Reduction Workshop? Well, why not answer the following and see if YOU could benefit…….


Do you:

  • Regularly crave or consume sweet foods, chocolate, sweets and cereals?
  • Regularly crave or consume white bread/toast, pastries, chips, fast food?
  • Need caffeine, tea, energy or fizzy drinks to get you through the day?
  • Have a desire for the above but use willpower to abstain?
  • Demonstrate an increased dependence on sugar, alcohol or nicotine?
  • Have sweet cravings after dinner or in the evening between 8-10pm?
  • Find it difficult to have just 2 biscuits – consuming more than intended?
  • Have an unexplained fatigue or lack of energy in the morning?
  • Regularly skip breakfast and/or other meals?
  • Suffer from irritability or mood swings, especially when hungry?
  • Excess weight gain around the belly area?
  • Try many different diet regimes, only to gain weight?
  • Restrict calories in the hope of weight loss – ending in binges & despair?
  • Regularly consume low fat & diet products – yet no weight loss?
  • Need a caffeine and sugar hit around 10.30 – 11.30 am?
  • Feel sleepy around 3 -4 pm?
  • Wake regularly during the night?

Answering YES to 5 or more of the above may indicate a blood sugar imbalance, which can easily be addressed at one of sugar reduction workshops at anewu Sligo. There are many health reasons to reduce sugar in our diets, as can be learned from this article.

If you are interested in participating in the anewu Sugar Reduction Workshop, please contact Regina via email or phone 086 3866372 to get further information.


The next Sugar Reduction Workshop is running Thursday November 9th, Thursday November 16th and ending Thursday November 23rd 2017. 7.30pm to 10pm

Classes run from 7.30pm – 10pm in anewu Diet, Health & Wellness in Ballisodare (Google Maps will direct to anewu)

Places are limited and cost €150.

Comprehensive course notes will be provided, including work sheets and meal suggestions.

An individual Reiki Healing Treatment is also included in the course cost. You will make an appointment for a time that suits you.