Sustainable Weight Loss

Have you ever lost weight on a diet? Have you ever had sustainable weight loss?

Would you like to lose weight easily, feel more energetic and be happy in your own skin?weight loss with

If you have found many successful diets, but then always seem to fall off the wagon and pile the pounds back on, then you may be interested in this. Firstly, DIETS do NOT work! Going on a diet gives you permission to come off a diet! Going on a diet shocks the body into weight loss but coming off the diet leads to weight gain. This is a proven pattern, certainly it was with me in the past. And, yet I still went from diet to diet, losing weight, depriving myself, running on willpower, only to give in and make up for lost time with all the “forbidden foods”……and pile on the pounds again, feel guilty and start giving out to myself about how weak I was. Until a few years ago when I discovered eating whole foods and balancing my blood sugar levels, and maintaining it as a lifestyle choice and not a diet!

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I now like to take the focus away from calories and weight so that I can focus on healthy and happy. Following a personal step by step plan, designed specifically for you, you can create health focused daily habits which will become a natural part of your daily life. In creating a natural pattern of healthier choices you will start to feel better as your body begins to work more effectively with the new tools that you are now providing.

Learning what to eat, when to eat and even how to eat can have the long term effect that you are looking for. Using healthy eating plans, healthy recipes, Low GL snacks, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ideas anewu will help and guide you on this journey. I also use health coaching and NLP techniques at anewu to build on success, deal with difficulties and to keep you motivated.

If you want sustainable weight loss, then the following information is very important for you :

Diets do not work

Slimming pills do not work

Calorie restriction does not work

Low Fat does not work

Exercise alone does not work

The side effects of a bad diet are poor health and possible weight gain, the side effects of a consistently healthy diet (without deprivation!) are good health and maintained weight loss. Click here for an interesting article on diets! Therefore it makes sense to focus on attaining a healthy diet, but that is not always straight forward, so contact Regina at anewu now to make your appointment to start your journey to a healthy new you via email at, via phone at 086 3866372 or even private message on Facebook at