I saw Regina at anewu Diet, Health & Wellness for only 3 sessions. In that time she has taught me about my eating habits, about how the food I eat affects my blood sugar and overall well being. Now that I know how good I can feel just by eating the right things, I don’t feel like eating unhealthy foods.  My tastes have definitely changed especially in regards to sugar intake, I have lost 2 stone and I have more energy. I would recommend Regina at anewu to anyone who is serious about changing their eating habits. – James


Absolutely fantastic, professional service. Regina treats each person individually and really supports you through it all. She is a real inspiration. – Nicola


I went to Regina at anewu Diet, Health & Wellness because I wanted to eat better, have more energy and to lose a few pounds. At our first meeting, she took time to ask me about my eating habits and listened to what I wanted. From the beginning of the program, I had only one or two changes each week and the timing of those things happened very gradually making it a lot easier for me to stick with.Regina taught me the benefits of eating good wholesome food, whilst not depriving myself of things I like. In the 6 weeks that I had my 3 sessions, I have reduced my weight by 13 pounds and feel great, I no longer have sugar cravings and have higher energy levels. – Keith


I saw Regina at anewu Diet, Health & Wellness for a few months. I had concerns over my general nutrition and associated health. I learned quite a lot about food and why I was experiencing some weight gain and cravings. I have lost over half a stone, I did not have much weight to lose as I was more health focused, and  lost 3 inches from my waist. More importantly I feel fantastic, my eating habits have changed and I never felt like I was on a diet. The habits changed gradually in a way that was manageable for me. I have more energy and that is a real bonus. – Seamus


I met with Regina on a few occasions for both Reiki and nutritional advice. I could not recommend her highly enough. Regina has a very warm and personal manner and made me feel very comfortable. I genuinely enjoyed our consultations and felt that she had a strong interest in, and natural instinct for her work. I decided to try Reiki as both a means of reducing stress and releasing tension and also to help with digestive issues. I found that the three sessions I had greatly helped with all. I also learned a lot from Regina as we chatted before and after the sessions. With regard to nutritional advice Regina is very creative and holistic in her approach and is a mine of information. I felt that she was extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach and instilled confidence in me and my ability to improve my own health. – Hilary