I saw Regina at anewu Diet, Health & Wellness for the Sugar Reduction Workshop. She has taught me about my eating habits, about how the food I eat affects my blood sugar and overall well being. Now that I know how good I can feel just by eating the right things, I don’t feel like eating unhealthy foods.  My tastes have definitely changed especially in regards to sugar intake, I have lost 2 stone and I have more energy. I would recommend this workshop with Regina at anewu to anyone who is serious about changing their eating habits. – James

Absolutely fantastic, professional service. Regina treats each person individually and really supports you through it all. She is a real inspiration. – Nicola

I found the experience of Reiki treatments with Regina at anewu Sligo to be very eye opening and it made me more aware of my emotions, and how I had been unintentionally bottling them up. It was a very calming, inviting atmosphere allowing me to easily relax. I really enjoyed my sessions and they left me feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Reiki at anewu to anyone.


I met with Regina on a few occasions for reiki. I could not recommend her highly enough. Regina has a very warm and personal manner and made me feel very comfortable. I genuinely enjoyed our consultations and felt that she had a strong interest in, and natural instinct for her work.

I decided to try reiki as both a means of reducing stress and releasing tension and also to help with digestive issues. I found that the three sessions I had greatly helped with both. I also learned a lot from Regina as we chatted before and after the sessions.


After the first session I noticed a calm, while after the three sessions the mental “fogginess” was gone. I had clarity and my stress levels were greatly reduced. My legs actually felt lighter when I walked and I had a better sense of what I needed to do for myself. I would highly recommend Reiki with Regina to anyone, especially if you are feeling “off balance” or stressed. I also benefited from additional dietary advice which helped greatly with sustained energy levels.


I continue having regular Reiki sessions with Regina as I find that Reiki is the one treatment that helps me to relax and to deal with my own medical diagnosis. Having consistent medical interventions and doctor appointments, I find that Reiki helps me on an emotional level to deal with it all. Reiki has helped me in the past with migraine and stress.


Having had Reiki with Regina I cannot explain the relief and emotional release that I experienced. I was fairly stressed and during the treatments I was able to deal with grief issues. Reiki seems to have given me the clarity and strength to make changes in my personal and work life. It was also very relaxing.


Regina did Reiki healing treatments on my daughter. She had trouble with sleep, anxiety and was very clingy. I noticed a big difference and a calm in her after the 3 sessions.


Regina did 3 sessions of reiki for my daughter who is in Leaving Cert year. She was experiencing digestive issues and anxiety along with poor sleep and back pain. Reiki definitely helped her to relax and her sleep and some digestive issues improved. I and my daughter would certainly recommend Reiki.

L. Veigh

I am amazed at how Reiki with Regina has helped me to let go of old emotional baggage. I really cannot express how much Regina and Reiki have helped me to feel lighter in myself, get more focused on the positive and let go of negative stuff from the past. I can see the light and am definitely coming back for more.

S Harte

I did the one day Sugar Reduction workshop at anewu. I learned so much about myself and my mind set, about food and about why I ate so badly. I have made many positive changes and feel so relaxed and happy about it. I also returned for 3 reiki sessions and noticed a huge shift in myself and my lifestyle as a result. I manage my life better and would recommend Regina to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing in a positive manner. 

Fiona C