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I have only recently considered YOGA benefits as a result of it being recommended to me by the wonderful cranial osteopath, Julie Ellwood from and by a nutritional therapist Denise Noone, from

Since losing almost 7 stone through dieting and not being a great exerciser, some of my joints are loose and not as strong as they could be, especially my hips. Julie Ellwood is a fantastic cranial osteopath, who always manages to get me back in the right places,  and she suggested yoga to strengthen my core.

Stress is a common factor in almost everyone’s life, and yet it is glossed over as something normal. Stress can have devastating physical effects, such as digestive, immune, adrenal, reproductive issues and pre-mature aging, while the emotional effects can lead to irritability, inability to cope with even small daily tasks, and a desire to avoid social events.

Is yoga the answer to my hip problems and a way of managing my stress? I do not know the answers yet, but I am willing to give it a go. I started with Anne-Marie from at Avena Leisure Centre in Ballisodare, on Wednesday of this week. It was a beginners class, of which there were only 5 of us, and I have to say that I found it very enjoyable. I had done 5 classes before with another teacher, and had found it good, but very physically challenging as I am not all that flexible or strong. Anne-Marie talked us through the poses and explained how it would help areas of the body, and she encouraged us to only do what we were all individually able to do. This took the pressure off me trying to tie myself in knots doing downward dogs and flying cats!! It also added to the gentle feeling of the class.

Benefits of yoga from

The class went by very fast aided by the soothing music and Anne-Marie’s gentle voice coaching each pose. There was a big focus on breathing, slowing down the breath and filling the body with air. The act of deep and slow breathing accesses the parasympathetic system and encourages the body to relax, and I could really feel the stresses of the day disappear. Ann-Marie ended the class with a deep relaxation, which included a cosy warm blanket, and I was again ready to face the world.

I am looking forward to continuing with the course and even if I do not achieve the ability to stand on my head, I can already see the benefits of taking the time to focus on my mind, body and breathing in such a calm and internally focused manner. There are many many documented benefits of yoga, and I think that until you try something for yourself, you can never really say if it will be for you or not. So, if you suffer from continual stress, are looking for a slow moving way of exercise due to weight or physical restrictions, or just simply would like to try yoga, then I highly recommend it. There are so many classes available now, so don’t delay, and give your body a chance to relax and your mind a chance to re charge with the benefits of yoga.                   


Benefits of Yoga from